In Memory of Valerie Alferoff


Friends and family that attended the Funeral - the service and gathering. Thank you all for going along at such a sad time so we could all remember Valerie together.

Bea and Peter Haigh
Louis Haigh
Ella Haigh
Joe Wilkinson
John and Pam Wilkinson
Lucy and Dean Stevens
Lisa Wallace and Dominic 
Geraldine Alferoff
Nancy Alferoff
Tamara Alferoff
Amber Alferoff
Gaynor Lea Greenwood
Stella and Harold Barrett
Sandie Barrett and Steve Marsh
Roger Barrett and Jo
Keith and Ann Nash
Sue Duxbury`
Ronny White`
Malcolm Griffiths and Teresa`.
Stephanie O'Brien
Philippa George and Phoenix`
Diana Virgo and Ron Brooks
Becky Virgo and David Cox with Mia and Kit
Maudie Hindley
Nellie Owen
Nia Owen
Elaine Hughes
Pat Hindle
Gaynor Thomas
and to Derek, Jenny and Steve for providing us a nice environment to sit and talk


Apologies were sent by

Ann and Wyn Williams
Nancy Alferoff's children
Kate Barrett and Gareth Lloyd
Caroline Barrett and Dylan
Phil Mumford
Malcolm Horne
Rory Coward
Rhian and Steve Stanley
Steve and Mandy Hindle
Noreen Manché
Piers and Paulette Dickie
Sandy and Michael Ball
David and Corinne Tremaine-Stevenson
Catrina Alferoff
Tamara Rogers
Dorothy and John Whitehall

Thank you all for your kind words. We felt you all there in spirit.

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